What Happened to my Local TV Channels?

Episode 1584 (36:12)

Mark from Tustin, California

Mark's channels have disappeared from his Hauppauge tuner. What happened? Leo says that the FCC has made stations shift frequencies, and have advised that users rescan for missing channels. Check out TVAnswers.org for when and how to rescan. There's more information here - https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/video/4040289-cbs2-rescan-day/. But it may also be a Hauppauge issue.

Mark also has a Google Nexus 6p, and it's no longer being updated. Should he just bite the bullet and upgrade? Leo says it's a shame that after two years, that phone is obsolete from regular use. What's probably happening is the EMMC memory in that phone is probably getting slower. Leo recommends wiping the phone and restoring it.  Another thing to try is defragging it in Windows using TRIM if he can get Windows to read it as a drive.