The Giz Wiz ... Google in Your Car

Episode 1584 (2:15:22)

Dick DeBartolo

Reporters learned about the Roav Bolt at CES 2019. But it just became available for sale this past Tuesday, April 17th. The Roav Bolt is an aftermarket device by Anker that brings the Google Assistant to almost any car. Optimized for Android devices, just say, “Hey Google,” or tap the button on Roav Bolt to find the nearest coffee shop, play your favorite song or podcast, navigate home, read texts, make calls, set reminders, and check your schedule for the day. If you have an iPhone, the company says there's a beta version that doesn't have all the features of the Android version right now. It’s super easy to set up. Just plug the Bolt into your car’s charging socket and connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth and your car’s stereo. (There's a 3.5mm AUX cable in the box if there's no Bluetooth in your car.) The twin built-in noise reduction mics are designed to help ensure your assistant hears you clearly, even if your phone is locked or stashed away. The top of the device has the same four familiar LED lights as the Google Home Mini. On the side of the bolt are two 2.4v USB inputs to charge devices as you roam. It's available now at Best Buy & Anker online, other places soon.... $49.99 MSRP.