The Giz Wiz .... Charged Up

Episode 1582 (2:07:40)


Need to charge a phone, a tablet, even a MacBook Pro on the go? Meet the new PowerCore+ 19000 PD Charger from Anker, a world-famous name in consumer add-ons.

This is an awesome 19,200 mAh travel powerhouse for full-speed USB-C charging for phones, tablets, even (some) laptops. Charges iPhone 8 up to 6 times, Samsung Galaxy S9 over 4 1/2 times, and provides over 1 full charge for a MacBook Pro. Ships with a 30W USB-C Power Delivery wall charger that recharges the 19000 PD device in 2 hours! 10 LED's tell you how much power is left. But wait, there's more! Switch to Hub Mode to sync data and connect accessories like keyboard, mice, etc. In the box also is a convenient mesh travel bag and connecting cable. Info from Anker: Charge your entire mobile workstation all at once with 1 27W USB-C Power Delivery port, 1 15W USB PowerIQ 2.0 port, and 1 10W USB PowerIQ port. From The Giz Wiz: Hub Mode transforms PowerCore+ into a high-speed data syncing hub, enabling you to connect extra accessories to your computer. Capacity: 19,200mAh / 71.04WhAnd this is also great to know. It comes with an 18-month warranty. MSRP is $129.99, but I've seen this combo on special for $99.99 online.

Amazon link:  It was $119.99 on 4/10/19

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