Which Gaming Computer Should I Buy for Digital Dentistry?

Episode 1581 (1:36:57)

Steve from Los Angeles, CA
 Blue Sky Bio

Steve is getting a gaming computer for work because it's powerful enough to do 3D design for dental implants. What should he get? Leo says it largely depends on what the software supports in the way of minimum hardware. A quad-core i7 with 16GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU (GTX 650 or above) should be enough for Blue Sky Bio. A basic or mid-level gaming system would probably work. He doesn't need to break the bank and pack it with specs.

A late model Dell quad or six-core i7 desktop, an Optiplex or XPS would do. Double the RAM to 32 and get a GTX 1070 or better GPU.  But he doesn't need to fret over ray tracing. An SSD would also be a good idea for speed.

Steve is also having issues with his printer. Leo says to check the cable and update the device driver.