The Giz Wiz ... Road Trippin'

Episode 1578 (2:07:55)

 Giz Wiz

Here's how Bracketron describes their latest gadget: "In the air or on the road, the Bracketron Roadtripper Travel Mount will safely and securely hold your smartphone, tablet and other portable devices." Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, this is the ideal travelling accessory. To use this mount effectively, you will peel the film off the 3M adhesive and attach to your tablet or other mobile devices. You simply hook the mount around the tray table latch, attach your device to the powerful magnet and you’re ready to start streaming your favourite shows. You can easily adjust the mount, giving you optimal viewing, while on the plane with your tray table up or down. The Roadtripper transforms into a magnetic phone vent mount that works with most air vent configurations. Perfect for the frequent traveller, you can go from entertainment on the plane to navigation in the car. You can even use this mount in the hotel as a phone or tablet stand. When you’re done with the mount, you can fold it up and place in the compact travel case with room for earbuds and charging cables. MSRP: $49.99. 

Roadtripper animated demo 

Dave from Bracketron explains how it works on an airplane seat back:  


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