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Watch Jon from Burlington, Ontario Comments

Jon would like to convert his old Windows laptop into a Chromebook. Leo says to check out Neverware. They have a list of compatible hardware and he can install Neverware and turn it into a Chromebook that's up to date and secure. Check out this article at XDA Developers. 

Watch George from Mexico City, MX Comments

George is using Google Photos. But he's getting a lot of duplications as he backs up from his desktop, phone and laptop. Leo says that's a common problem, but is usually due to different formats, like RAW and JPG. There's no real way to automatically weed the duplicates out. Picasa used to have that option, but Google killed it and didn't port that feature over to Photos. Leo suggests backing photos from a camera to the phone and let Google Photos upload from that one source. He can also use the sort feature to search for day-of capture and then manually de-dupe from there. 

George can also delete everything and start over, but that's an extreme solution. Many photographers just live with duplications. 

From the chatroom -

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Watch Mike from San Diego, California Comments

Eddie would like to update his Windows 8 laptop to Windows 10. Is it still available for free? Leo says no, but he's heard that others have been able to install Windows 10 with their Windows 8 key. So it's worth a try. Here's a great article on all the ways you can still get Windows 10 for FREE -

Watch James from Oakridge, TN Comments

James was given a Lenovo IdeaCentre without a hard drive. He put a Windows 10 hard drive from an old laptop in his IdeaCentre, but it is now warning him about his lack of registration. Leo says after a period of time, his OS will start doing less and less, so James should buy a license key from the official source.

Watch Mike from Long Beach, CA Comments

Mike is thinking of getting an over-the-air DVR and antenna. What's the best one to get? Leo says he's a TiVO fan, but it is the priciest option out there. There's also ChannelMaster, which is a nice OTA and they don't charge for the TV Guide. Silicon Dust also makes the HD Home Run. But Leo is a fan of TiVO because it lets him ad-skip. 

As for Antennas, check out and

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Watch Mike from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Mike's Yamaha home theatre system lost its centre channel, so he plugged in an old Luxman AV receiver and he says that the sound is incredible. Leo says that the quality of amps has changed over the years, and he's not surprised. The digital-to-analogue converter is probably much better. The choice of DAC can make a huge difference. Can he get a remote for it? Leo says if it doesn't have a remote, then no universal remote will work, since there's no remote to emulate. But if he can find out that the model did support the remote, then he can. Check out to check. Leo recommends the Logitech Harmony remote because it has a database of remote codes that Mike can just enter and then he's ready to go. 

Watch Laura from California Comments

Laura hears that there's a lawsuit against Peloton for not having the license of music they play for their spin classes. Chances are, they have the wrong license, and they need a worldwide synchronization license to play music in a video format over the internet. They're being sued for $150 million, and  it's probably a ploy just to get more money out of Peloton. 

Watch Jeff from Westchester, NY Comments

Jeff is looking for a notification system for when he gets mail. ScooterX in the chatroom found the Mail Chime. He can put a transmitter in the mailbox and it will notify him by text that he has mail. 

Watch Gene from Rochester, NY Comments

Dave wants to know if the new iPads are worth buying. Leo says that the standard new iPads are faster, using the same chip as the iPhone XS, and have a slightly better retina display. They also support the new Apple Pencil. But for a few hundred dollars more, you can get the iPad Pro, with a larger, bezeless screen. 

Watch David from LA, California Comments

David received an email from Google asking if he'd participate in a media use survey. Is it legit? Leo says to look at the web address. Hackers are very good at spoofing emails. He wants to see the top-level domain of If it's then that isn't legit. 

Watch Larry from Manitoba, Canada Comments

Larry wants to know if he can disable the wmiprvse.exe process on his Windows laptop. Leo says that wmiprvse.exe process is just a query process on how much resources users have left. It's valuable to some apps, so he can easily try to disable it and see which apps don't work. But it shouldn't harm the laptop.