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Watch Larry from SF, California Comments

Larry is a gamer and got a new video card that supports RayTracing. He put it in his computer but it's lagging terribly. On top of that, he's now getting "green sparkles" everywhere. Is his machine too old? Leo says it shouldn't be too old at all, it's likely just a bad card. Green artifacts are usually an indication of a bad video card, so Larry should send it back for a refund or replacement. The GTX 1070 is better matched to his computer anyway.

From the chatroom ... the power supply may be the problem as well.  Also, test it on another computer with a different monitor and cable. He can also try running the benchmarks app that came with it and see if the artifacts occur. 

Watch Gary from Cheektowaga, NY Comments

Gary wants to know more about FireFox Send for sending files up to 1GB (or 2.5GB for those with Firefox acct) in size. First of all, it's free! Firefox Send also has a timed delete, so after a set amount of time, the file disappears from the server. Users can also encrypt and send the password to the recipient. 

Watch Carlos from San Jacinto, California Comments

Carlos would like to cut the cord with DirecTV, but he has 2TB of movies on their service. How can he get them?  Is NitroTV a good deal? Leo says that NitroTV is an over the top service, and it sounds a bit suspicious. They charge just $20 and you get everything including premium channels? How can that be when HBO charges $15 a month? And they're offering all channels for no extra charge? No way that isn't piracy. 


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Watch Ananias from Fort Myers, FL Comments

Ananias got a bunch of Macs with Quadros and wants to know if they're worth anything. Leo says he can go to to see their history. But they run a PowerPC chip, and as such, aren't really supported in the modern computing world.  Likely, they just fodder for eCycling. However, it is still worth checking out eBay to see if there are any opportunities.

Watch Sundip from Orlando, FL Comments

Sundip wants to know if he should get a Dashcam. Leo recommends a Garmin, and it's always recording in high def while giving an instant record if there's an accident. It has GPS and WiFi as well! The Owlcam, another product, also has LTE so it's always connected and instantly uploads in case of an accident or break-in. It connects to the OBD2 port for power. 

Watch Marie from San Tan Valley, Arizona Comments

Marie is planning to swap out her 1TB spinning drive for a 1TB SSD drive. Will that hurt her motherboard? Leo says it won't, but there's no need to get one that large. She can get a smaller SSD drive for just her programs, and then connect the spinning drive via an external enclosure for her data. Leo recommends Samsung's EVO brand. The 860 EVO is a great drive, and at $150 it's a great buy. 

Watch Jeremy from Nashville, TN Comments

Jeremy wants to know if he should get a new sound card for his computer. Leo says that today's motherboards have really good sound cards built right on the board. They're very good for 99% of all sound needs. You'd need to be a hardcore gamer or recorder to squeeze that extra percent out, and most people won't even be able to tell. 

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Watch Jason from College Station, TX Comments

Jason is tired of maintaining his Windows machine to guard against malware, so he bought a Chromebook. He really enjoys the simplicity of it and how secure they are. Leo says that Chromebooks are great and everything is going online now. So with that, all most people really need is a Chromebook. Even photography and videography are starting to be done online.

Watch Daniel from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Comments

Daniel is graduating from college with a degree in Computer Science and now wants to know what Cert he should get. Leo says that largely depends on the job he wants. But an AWS cert is good no matter what as everything is using Amazon Web Services these days. But keep in mind, a degree is going to get him further than a Cert. 

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard wants to know if keeping his laptop and smartphone plugged in all the time will damage it. Leo says that there is great debate about it. It's not really bad to keep them plugged in at all. What's worse would be completely discharging or overheating them. Lithium-ion batteries also have circuitry designed to keep from overcharging. Check out Battery University for details on the life of batteries. 

Watch Dale from Highland, CA Comments

Dale is tired of getting robocalls, so how can he get rid of them? Leo recommends Nomorobo, an app for your phone. It won't be perfect, but it works pretty well. With more than half of all calls being robocalls, it's making cell service useless. Until the FCC does something about it, that's about the best we've got.