How Can I Create my Own Hosting Site That Only I Can Access With My Phone?

Episode 1573 (1:56:30)

Jon from Indianapolis, Indiana
Raspberry Pi

Gary wants to know if he can use a Raspberry Pi to host his own web site. Leo says that's a great idea. If he installs an FTP program, how can he get that to talk to his Apache server? Leo says this isn't ideal for a public site because of upload speeds and terms of service with the ISP. But if it's a personal file server that he can access for the web, that's legitimate. He also has to punch holes in his router firewall to get it, and that means to be sure his Pi is secure and up-to-date. Leo also recommends using Secure FTP to keep his system secure, and set port forwarding to Port 80. Then there are the FTP ports. Good news, most browsers will download from your site without FTP.

Using a NAS is better though. If his router supports it, he can also just use a thumb drive plugged into the router.