How Can I Get my Photos Off of a Photo CD?

Episode 1572 (1:05:44)

Don from San Juan Capistrano, CA
photo CDs

Don has some Kodak photo CDs that he'd like to retrieve images from. He heard that Contenta is a good option, but it's pricey and Leo says he shouldn't have to spend any money on it. Unfortunately, photo CDs from the 90s were stored by Kodak in a proprietary PCD format. Leo recommends IrfanView since it can read PCD files. Don should be able to see them, open the files in IrfanView, and get them off into a more palpable format like JPG. But if he can't see them, says PCD to JPG converter can do it as well.
Scooter X in the chatroom says that Kodak's page on PCD is still alive -