Why is data being corrupted on my NAS?

Episode 1566 (28:47)

Steve from St. Louis, MO

Steve is a professional photographer and he stores his raw images on a NAS (network attached storage) with Mac File sharing. But he's finding that about 10% of his images are corrupted. Leo says that there's two ways this can happen. 1) the data is corrupted on the disk. Is the file corruption happening locally? Or on the network. It helps to test if it happens the same every time. That means the data is getting corrupted on the NAS itself. If it was a network corruption, it would happen intermittently and randomly. Leo says that since Peter is using FreeNAS, try using a different file system. Or bit the bullet and get a dedicated NAS, not a home built on. Leo recommends Synology. Another option is to add a step, copy to your computer than then to the NAS. Card readers may be sending it at a rate that the NAS can keep up. By going to the mac first, it could verify them first.