Can I run Linux on an old Mac Pro?

Episode 1566 (1:19:12)

Myron from Minnepolis, MN

Myron's Windows machine will automatically input his last pass password when he goes to log into something in Chrome. Leo says that's not good. Last Pass had to change how extensions work, recently, because browsers had changed the plugin architecture to make them more secure. But it may be that LastPass is getting confused. Leo recommends logging out of your Chrome browser, delete the last pass extension. Then reboot the app and download a new copy of the Last Pass extension. LastPass has a new version and that should solve it.

Myron also wants to know if he can put Linux on his old 2005 cheese grater mac. Leo says absolutely. You can turn it into a great server that way. Leo recommends starting with Debian. Antergos is another.