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Episode 1566 February 16, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Ray from Swansea, MA Comments

Ray wants to know if you can dual boot a Windows machine with Apple OS X. Leo says no. You can go the other way around and boot up to Windows 10 using boot camp, but you can't make a Windows machine run OS X unless you do a "hackintosh" setup, which is a direct violation of Apple's terms of service. Plus, Apple won't sell you a copy of OS X without a computer.

Watch Steve from St. Louis, MO Comments

Steve is a professional photographer and he stores his raw images on a NAS (network attached storage) with Mac File sharing. But he's finding that about 10% of his images are corrupted. Leo says that there's two ways this can happen. 1) the data is corrupted on the disk. Is the file corruption happening locally? Or on the network. It helps to test if it happens the same every time. That means the data is getting corrupted on the NAS itself. If it was a network corruption, it would happen intermittently and randomly. Leo says that since Peter is using FreeNAS, try using a different file system. Or bit the bullet and get a dedicated NAS, not a home built on. Leo recommends Synology. Another option is to add a step, copy to your computer than then to the NAS. Card readers may be sending it at a rate that the NAS can keep up. By going to the mac first, it could verify them first.

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Watch Glenda from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Glenda has an Asus Gaming computer and it constantly slows down, and is too heavy. So she wants something lighter, like a Mac Air or iPad Air size, that she can use Microsoft Office with. Leo says that there are versions of Office for the iPad, so going with an iPad Pro could be a good option. You can get them with a keypad and it's just like a laptop (costs the same as a laptop, too). Microsoft's Surface tablets are also a good option if you still need to use Windows. But if you don't, then the iPad Pro is worth looking at.

Another option is a Chromebook. That's the budget choice. It uses Google's Office suite, stored in the cloud. Very secure. But it can also use the web versions of Office. Simple is the better way to go.

Watch Rob from Cincinnati, OH Comments

Rob wants to know how he can find out the more accurate speeds he's getting on his internet service. Leo says that when ISPs tell you speeds, it's usually under ideal conditions are are "peak speeds." Look for the phrase "as fast as." Then go to several internet speed testing sites like Netflix's or User several of them and get a good average. Also do it at different times. After 6pm is going to be different because people are watching Netflix.

Watch Myron from Minnepolis, MN Comments

Myron's Windows machine will automatically input his last pass password when he goes to log into something in Chrome. Leo says that's not good. Last Pass had to change how extensions work, recently, because browsers had changed the plugin architecture to make them more secure. But it may be that LastPass is getting confused. Leo recommends logging out of your Chrome browser, delete the last pass extension. Then reboot the app and download a new copy of the Last Pass extension. LastPass has a new version and that should solve it.

Myron also wants to know if he can put Linux on his old 2005 cheese grater mac. Leo says absolutely. You can turn it into a great server that way. Leo recommends starting with Debian. Antergos is another.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Dave from Temecula, CA Comments

Dave needs to know how to stream from his Android phone to his TV. Leo says that the Google Chromecast is the easiest way. And it's $35 for the HD version, $70 for 4K. It's built for Android. A very cool concept.

Watch Ron from North Carolina Comments

Ron is looking to cut the cable. Leo says you can do it by using your smart TV or a streaming box like Roku or AppleTV. But at the end of the day, after paying for Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Amazon Prime, and LiveTV from Sling, YouTube TV etc. It ends up costing you just as much as cable. But if you have access to over the air channels, then you can get an antenna for your local channels. That would save you a lot. Then anything you don't get, you can do piecemeal. Also figure out what you gotta have and add those prices up. If you want a simple streaming of Live TV, then YouTube TV is $40. It's a great deal.

Watch Nate from Illinois Comments

Nate has cut the cord, and he has a killer media server with the HD Home Run. But he wants to find a way to broadcast the stream to all his TVs in his house at the same time. Leo says it's called MultiCast, or Party Mode. PLEX may be able to do it. They've been working on it for quite some time. Here's info from the PLEX Forums - There's an open BETA that started last year. So it's likely ready to go. Search for MULTIPLEX. Then it's a question if your router and network can support it.

Watch Christina from Lake Elsinor, CA Comments

Christina keeps getting text messages from a number she doesn't recognize. And it's creepy. Leo says sometimes those messages are spoofed with a number id that doesn't exist and it's largely SPAM. Not much you can do but have your cellphone company block them. If it's the same number. If the number changes, it's a real problem to stop it. And if it's harassment, it may be a crime.

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to go to your cellphone carrier and have your number changed. If you don't want to do that, then there's not much you can do but ignore it. One thing you can maybe do is get a Google Voice number. Give that out, and she can have greater control over what comes to her.

Watch Jeff from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jeff has a laptop where the batteries are worn out. He'd like to remove the batteries and connect it directly to his car electrical system. His card is 12v. Leo says you can easily get an inverter to plug it directly in. That's the easiest solution. But that's going from DC to AC and back to DC, which seems a bit silly. But since your car is 12v and the laptop takes 11.1v, it could perhaps be done.