How do I set up my Helm email server?

Episode 1565 (45:57)

Neil from Phoenix, AZ

Neil bought a Helm email server on Leo's advice. He also bought a domain through Hover to use with it. This is a home email service, and the idea is that you put your email on a server that runs in your own house instead of trusting a service like Google to handle it. Neil is wondering how to back the device up. Leo says one of the things he gets for $99 per year is that Helm backs it up over the internet. What's cool is that the contents of the email on the local server is encrypted with a key that only Neil has access to. Helm even provides a secure USB key to decrypt the backups. Neil wants to know how to notify all of his contacts that he has a new email address. Leo says he can set a vacation responder that will tell anyone who emails him that he has a new address, and Leo even recommends not giving that address out in the auto response. Then he can choose who he wants to give the new address to when people ask him for it.

Neil also wants to know how to bring his contacts and calendar to it. Leo says Helm supports the standard contact and calendar syncing, like CalDAV and VCF, and have a synchronization server built-in.

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