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Watch Steven from Tampa, FL Comments

Steven has always wanted to attend CES and wants to know if he could get in if he started a blog. Leo says that CES does allow "qualified press" into the conference, and attendees have to prove it. Here's CES official media requirements -
But Bloggers, YouTubers and "popular influencers" do get in. But Steven would have to have some influence and reach with a site that has consistent numbers and content. So get started now. The other option is to get to know someone who has a booth there and then ask them for a pass.

Watch Gary from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Gary has a Motorola G5 plus mobile phone with T-Mobile and after his phone updated, his WiFi calling option won't connect. Leo says the culprit is that the update broke that feature, and it is only a matter of time before Motorola puts out a fix. Leo says that his router may also have an issue with it. He may need to log into the router through the browser and reenable port forwarding or open port option with UDP enabled. Check out this link - This solution fixed it for some users.

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Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom is looking at the Google PixelBook Chromebook. Leo says the Google PixelBook is fantastic. But he's not sure if there's an LTE version. But Leo says that the Samsung ChromeBook Plus does have an LTE for $599. He bought them for his kids in college. Acer makes great Chromebook as well. Can he print wirelessly? Leo says that he can through Google Cloud Print, but you can also print via USB, which is what Tom wants. HP printers would be the only real option.

Watch Bill from San Juan, PR Comments

Bill bought a Canon camera and lens and he's taking it on a cruise and he's worried about it being stolen. Leo says that first thing to do is take your Canon strap off and replace it with one that doesn't advertise the make and model. Camouflage the camera with a case, and put it around your neck like a tourist. Also don't use a camera bag. Use a diaper bag. Be aware of what goes on around you. Some will use misdirection to get you looking one way, while their partner is stealing you blind in the other direction. Always keep in contact with it, like wrapping your bag strap around your leg the you're sitting at a table.

How can he stop Windows from indexing his NAS? He's turned it off, but it keeps doing it. Here's a few tech notes which may help:

Watch Carol from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Sara is moving to Victorville, and she's concerned about how spotty the internet will be. Leo recommends to get reviews and find out what the best internet service provider is for that area. She's also going to be getting wireless security cameras to access them from her mobile device. But she's concerned it'll eat up all her data and kill her upload speed. Leo says that can happen if the cameras are recording all the time. Leo recommends the WyzeCam v2. They use motion tracking and they're under $40. It uses motion detection and won't start recording unless it senses movement. Then it notifies users. Scooter X says she can get 5 days of video on a 64GB card.

Watch Ron from Hayden, Colorado Comments

Ron wants to know if he can organize his photos on his iPod touch like he can on his windows computer. Leo says no. Apple doesn't want you to do that, so you don't get access to the file structure. An iPad will have the same problem. The Microsoft Surface Go Tablet will not only do it, but he can also transfer windows files directly over.

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Watch Sundip from Orlando, FL Comments

Sundip was going to get a RING doorbell but then heard about their privacy issues. Leo says that Amazon bought RING and has addressed the issues. So RING is pretty good right now. But Google NEST also makes a doorbell, so if you'd prefer an alternative, the NEST is a good option.

Watch Joe from Cheektowaga, New York Comments

Joe is having issues with packet loss on his internet connection. He's been using to monitor it, but now he hears that the website is going to be shut down. Leo says he hasn't heard that. You can use ICSI Netalyzr. It will give you comprehensive testing of everything from speed testing to ping testing, packet loss, and buffer bloat. If streaming on Netflix is a concern, check out Netflix's FAST test. He's like a monitor service like DSLReports. Leo says your router may have that ability, check your logging features. But there are plenty of apps online that will do it. Nsider is one, and TestMy.Net is another.

Watch Laverne from Not the Bronx Comments

Laverne made a secondary Yubico key on her network. She wants to know if her Galaxy Note 9 Android phone will unlock via NFC since it has a chip. But she gets an error message. Is it the key, or the phone? Leo suspects the phone isn't seeing the code as it needs to. She could try the YubiKey app that is available through the Google Play store.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George is having issues watching TWiT podcasts with the Roku YouTube app. After about 10 minutes, it switches to another podcast. What gives? Leo says that a number of people have complained about that happening on YouTube, but it's not everyone. It may be an autoplay issue. Try turning that off. But something may have changed with YouTube that's causing it. Leo says try another app like TWiTCH or Mixer. See if it repeats. Also, try looking at another YouTube Live channel. If it does, it could be a stream configuration issue that TWiT needs to fix.

Watch Greg from Whittier, CA Comments

Greg just a Model X Tesla and he wants to know if there's a midline for music. Leo says that it's mostly personal taste. Start with "Flat" on the EQ settings, that is, in theory, how it was mixed at the recording studio. Then, adjust to his preferences. But a lot of music today is overly compressed as part of the current pop music trend. And he can't fix that. So just play with it until he can get a mix he will like. There's no perfect.