Scott Wilkinson ... Super TV Time

Episode 1560 (20:06)

Scott says that this weekend is a great time to buy a new TV, ahead of the Super Bowl. But this year, the deals aren't as good as they were during Black Friday last november. But they're still pretty good. The LG B8 55" OLED is selling for $1500, $800 off. The 65" model is $1000 off. The next step is the C8, and the 55" is only $200 more. But Scott says it has a more powerful processor and the upscales are better. So it'll look better and is definitely worth spending the extra money for. Samsung's 55" QLED is 24% off at Best Buy, but you can get an even better deal at Costco or Sam's Club. You can get the Samsung 55" QLED for as low as $650. But it's likely edge lit.

Leo recently got a 100" HiSense 4K LED for $7,000. Expensive, but a great deal considering their over $10K.

CNet's Best budget deal - HiSense 55R7 $600, TCL 65S405 $480 (Costco). HiSense 75" 75H8E $900.