Has my email been hacked?

Episode 1560 (13:47)

Suzanne from Placentia, CA

Suzanne uses Hotmail and all of a sudden, she's getting hundreds of spam from subscribed newsletters. She also got an email about an order for a GoPro camera bought at Walmart. Leo suspects that someone doesn't like Suzanne or has stolen her identity. It's a new scam where hackers overwhelm your email address with bulk emails to distract you from the actual identity theft going on. It's called "Chaff." The idea is to be so overwhelmed with spam and bulk emails, you miss the stolen credit card activity. Shame on companies that allow signups without a double opt-in via email. Suzanne should not only change her passwords, but cancel her credit cards and have her credit watched by her bank.

One thing she can do is set up a mail filter for "unsubscribe" that will direct that bulk email into a separate folder and delete it.