How long will my old Mac laptop last?

Episode 1558 (36:12)

Rich from West Palm Beach, CA
macOS High Sierra

Rich is a long time Mac user, and he's been using Quicken 2007. He's recently been having issues using it with macOS High Sierra. Leo says that having a dedicated Quicken machine running Sierra would be a good way to take care of his data through Quicken, and using an SSD will make it last a good, long while. The real deal is the battery of his older laptop. It'll eventually need to be replaced. But Rich should be able to get another 10 years out of it.

Rich also cuts his home movies and he's worried about Apple abandoning 32 bit in a new version of macOS. He'll just have to make sure it doesn't get updated. The system currently has macOS Mojave, and Leo says he can stay with that because it's the last that will support 32 bit applications. In fact, Leo says more people are going to avoid upgrading for that purpose.