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Watch Mark from Tampa, FL Comments

Mark bought a phone on eBay and wants to know if it will work with his carrier. Leo says that it may, but it depends on the radio frequencies it supports and whether or not the phone has been locked to the carrier or not. You can get the carrier unlock it, and they should do it as long as it is in good standing. He'll also need to make sure the phone isn't carrier locked.

Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul is getting ready to cut the cable on his telephone service and he's moved his number to Google Voice. But how can he get his phones to work with Google voice? Leo says that phone numbers are portable, and as such, his home phone number can be ported to Google Voice. And then he can have his mobile phone ring when his number gets called. Up to 5 different phones can do that.

Can he have Google Voice ring on his old phones? Leo says not mobile phones. Leo says that he'll need a hardware interface for Google Voice that will do that. Many companies make those adapters. ObiTalk makes them. He'll connect that to his internet router and then connect his phone to the phone jack on the ObiTalk box. He doesn't have to pay a monthly fee either. The only problem is 911 — It's not as accurate. It's regional. So response times will take longer and they won't know his exact location.

Paul also wants to buy a new Android phone. Leo says to wait a month. Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S10.

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Watch Manny from Vero Beach, FL Comments

Manny wants to know if there's an advantage to having a paid email service vs. a free service like Gmail. Leo says that if he's not paying for it, they're making money off him somehow. That's what pays the bills. He can pay for Google's business email service, called GSuite. That would give him support. Free email is paid for by ads put on the page, and it mines data from email electronically, to focus those ads to what he spends the most time on. Leo has since moved away from GMail for a paid service called FastMail, so it's not trying to sell him things based on his activity.

Watch Tom from Toronto, Ontario, Canada Comments

When Tom turns Bluetooth on after having been turned off for awhile, tons of apps start opening up on his phone. What's happening? Leo says that backgrounded apps automatically terminate after a short period. Leo recommends letting the phone manage his apps for him. He doesn't need a third party app to kill them — he should just let the phone do it.

Watch Shane from Indianapolis, IN Comments

Shane works for the Schlage lock company and more people want the company to start using Macs. Leo says that volume licensing is not as complicated as microsoft, but Apple also doesn't have as good of enterprise level support either. But Apple will update the computer regularly. He doesn't have to install the updates — He could defer or even ignore them. It's not a good idea, though.

Watch Shane from Indianapolis, IN Comments

Shane wants to create podcasts while out in the field. Leo says that Zoom recorders are a great choice for that. They make some great recorders including the H1n and H4n. All are great for recording audio. But the best is the Behringer XAir 18 mixer. It works with an iPad that records all the tracks. Rode also makes one called the Rodecaster Pro.

Watch Andrew from North Carolina Comments

Andrew bought a new MacBook Pro with the Vega 20 graphics and i9 processor. He hooked it up to an external monitor and the display is flickering. This is the top of the line laptop he paid $4,200 for. What's wrong? Leo says Andrew should take it to Apple to look at it, because it sounds like a hardware issue. He returned it and got a replacement, and the new one is flickering as well. Leo says to change cables and change displays. Eliminate all the easy things. Unfortunately, since even happens on the laptop's screen, Andrew really needs to take it back to Apple and have them fix it.

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Watch Gwen from Pomona, CA Comments

Gwen has internet through Spectrum. She's looking at getting a NetGear Orbi mesh router. Will she have issues with her phone service? Leo says that she will because Spectrum requires their router to use their phone service. But she can hook them up in tandem and have them coexist. It works with Comcast in a similar fashion. Leo says this is why you don't want to bundle services. It causes issues like this.

Watch Alan from Jacksonville, FL Comments

Alan is trying to cut the cord on his internet. He wants to know if he can use Bluetooth with his music service. Leo says no, Bluetooth only works up to 30 feet away. He could cut the cable, but he'll still need to pay for internet access somehow. He could rely on his phone's internet access and stream his music from there. He could also put his phone in "hotspot" mode and run the laptop through that.

Watch Rick from Port Charlotte, FL Comments

Rick lives in a rural area and all he has is DSL. He gets power outages and he has to reboot his cameras. And his download speed is very slow. What are his options for maximizing his bandwidth? Leo says that he can connect to his modem with a cable and that'll give him his best speed. But the problem is that DSL gets slower the father he is from the central switch.

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Rich wants to know if connected cars that have internet can be hacked. Leo says they can indeed, but the hacker needs to be pretty close to the car to make that happen. Car companies also need to put forth more effort to make the car's computer more secure.

Watch Bob from New Jersey Comments

Bob is a computer guy and he has no patience with people who want to learn computers. Leo says it helps to remember when he was just starting out. Somebody took the time to teach him, so he should pay it forward. Community colleges are also a good way to learn. Local extension courses, user groups, etc. There are plenty of options out there.