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Episode 1556 (2:08:18)

Dick DeBartolo

Hate it when someone uses says the trigger word "Alexa" when you don't want your Echo device to do anything? The Mute+ is from Smartē could be for you. The idea is to place this device on top of an Amazon Echo, Echo Plus or Echo Dot smart speaker, so you can mute it when you don't want it to react to the trigger words. The company says their proprietary technology temporarily blocks any noise near or far from the smart speakers’ microphones and the lighted privacy timer can be set for up to an hour at a time. Each time you push a button at the top it adds ten minutes. The portable, battery operated Mute+ fits easily on top of the smart speaker. It can be left there without any audio or visual speaker interference. A translucent ring at the bottom of the device lets you see the light from your Echo device. It runs on 3 AAA batteries which are included. Available in white or black for $24.99 (Regular price $29.99)

- Company website (mysmartelife.com). Coming Spring 2019.

At a public place, did you ever forget your phone in the restroom stall? Or worse yet, drop it in?
This isn't high tech but could save you a lot of $$. A lot of folks carry their phones into bathroom stalls & the company says 19% of them accidentally drop them in the toilet! StallMATE is installed on the door of a bathroom stall and it provides a pocket for your phone (or wallet) right where you lock & unlock the stall door so you won't forget it. They have a catchy slogan too: Don't "go" without it!" It's meant for those steel stall doors in public places, but it looks like you can buy just one for $20.

- Company website (stallmate.info)

And a look into a possible future car entertainment system.
Thanks to IAV's Side Window Entertainment, passengers will soon be able to look outside windows equipped with intelligent augmented reality technology and find relevant information on nearby points of interest with one simple touch. Using the augmented window will turn zooming in and taking screenshots into child’s play, letting passengers recall impressions even after the journey is over, and serve as helpful reminders. In addition to digitally enhanced sightseeing, Side Window Entertainment also offers numerous interactive features based on their location. For example, hungry passengers can easily make a reservation driving past a restaurant or arrange appointments like their next haircut or doctor’s visit directly on the window. Kids will love these new windows too: audiovisual content such as videos and games can be shown just as easily, making sure they are entertained even on long car rides.

Read more at iav.com