Is there an advantage to using an Apple TV instead of a Mac Mini as a set top box?

Episode 1555 (1:27:25)

Bruce from Las Vegas, NV
Apple TV 4K

Bruce upgraded to an LG C7 TV, and it's been the best TV he's ever owned. He has an older generation Apple TV, not the new 4K version that's out now. He's wondering if it would be better for him to get a Mac Mini instead. He wants to know what the difference would be between Apple's tvOS and macOS. Leo says the new Apple TVs support UHD and high dynamic range (HDR). One of nice things about using an Apple TV is that it's automatic, Bruce would just have to plug in the HDMI cable and everything would work. The other thing it does is Dolby Atmos sound. Since Bruce has the AV receiver and speakers to support that, it is a feature he may want to have.

macOS Mojave does not support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, so he wouldn't get HDR or the enhanced audio capabilities. Bruce likes the idea of having an unrestricted, full computer plugged into a TV, but if he can't get HDR, it might not be worth it. Leo says if Bruce ran Plex on his Mac Mini, that might support HDR. Bruce says most of his content is coming from Netflix and Amazon Prime, however. Just because there's not native support in the OS doesn't mean an app couldn't support it. Software could in theory decode it and send it out, but it looks to Leo like Netflix hasn't made it possible to allow a desktop computer to do that.