How can I retrieve deleted data from a smartphone app?

Episode 1554 (11:33)

Laurie from Burbank, CA
iPhone 5

Laurie's father had a security camera that would send videos to his iPhone. They've since been deleted, and he recently passed away, but she wants to find a way to recover them. How can she do that? Leo says that if the videos were deleted off the phone's SD card, they can be recovered. But another option is to look and see if there's a cloud backup option. If there is, the app may have uploaded the video to the cloud. There is a company called Cellebrite that can take the data off the phone as well.

Law enforcement has the capability to recover the data if there's a criminal issue. So if she's concerned about elder abuse, then that would be the next step. There are a few forensic methods to get the data and since Laurie has the unlock code, she's in good shape.