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Episode 1554 January 5, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Laurie from Burbank, CA Comments

Laurie's father had a security camera that would send videos to his iPhone. They've since been deleted, and he recently passed away, but she wants to find a way to recover them. How can she do that? Leo says that if the videos were deleted off the phone's SD card, they can be recovered. But another option is to look and see if there's a cloud backup option. If there is, the app may have uploaded the video to the cloud. There is a company called Cellebrite that can take the data off the phone as well.

Law enforcement has the capability to recover the data if there's a criminal issue. So if she's concerned about elder abuse, then that would be the next step. There are a few forensic methods to get the data and since Laurie has the unlock code, she's in good shape.

Watch Chip from Cherry Hill, NJ Comments

Chip has trouble texting to radio stations using Google Voice. It keeps getting bounced back. Leo says it's likely because the service that the radio stations use doesn't support it. Until they do, there's not much he can do.

Watch Sergio from Miami, FL Comments

Sergio has a car that uses Android Auto, but after the recent update, he can't use it with his Nissan vehicle. Leo says that it's likely that the Android update isn't supported by his car yet. There's really nothing he can do until the car's Android Auto app gets updated.

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Watch Christie from Tom's River, NJ Comments

Christie's parents have an older computer and they don't want to get rid of their 21" screen. Christie is going to try and use NeverWare to put ChromeOS on it. If that doesn't work, what are her options? Leo says that there are ChromeOS all-in-ones with 21" screens, and they're also extremely secure. Leo recommends checking out an Asus Chromebox.

Watch Larry from Cerro Gordo , CA Comments

Larry built his first computer in high school, running Linux, and it's 15 years old. Lately he's been having power issues and he has replaced the power supply, but still has the problem. Leo says that indicates a deeper problem on the motherboard. It could also be a failing video card, and the CMOS settings may be corrupted. Removing the battery and putting it back in will reset everything, but he may want to make sure all the cables are seated, and that the RAM is properly installed.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Vino from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Vino wants to know if he can delete the apps on his Roku box. Leo says to click on the asterisk and select the app, and he can delete them from there.

Vino is also having issues with his home theatre system, and the TV speakers are going off when moving to outside speakers. Leo says that the TV thinks he has something connected, like a home theatre system, so it turns off the speakers on his TV. One option is to turn on ARC, or audio return channel. That will bring the sound back to his TV speakers while going to external sources. Connecting through an optical jack will also enable him to do it.

Watch Noah from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Noah's girlfriend lost her smartphone, but they found it and the screen is shot. The phone still works, but they'd like to get the contacts off. Leo says they can connect it to a computer and use the Android File Transfer app on a Mac, or use it as a hard drive on a PC. The PC will read the phone as a hard drive and then they can hunt around and find all the data. She should look in the Android Data folder, check "SD0", copy all of it to the hard drive, and then root around.

Doctor Mom shared this link from on how to do this.