Top Tech Stories of 2018

Episode 1552 (01:29)


1. Facebook had a terrible year, starting with leaked information to Cambridge Analytica of up to 87 million users. It lost 19% value, up to $100 billion, the biggest loss in the history of the stock market. Mark Zuckerberg lost $40 billion personally. And there was congressional investivations. All told, Facebook had 21 scandals centered around privacy violations. It was as bad a year as Facebook could get.

2. Apple lost 20% of its value. It went from being the first trillion dollar company to no longer holding that title.

3. Amazon's Jeff Bezos became the richest man in history at $150 billion.

4. AT&T bought Time Warner.

5. General Data Protection Regulation passed in Europe.

6. Marriott faced the second largest data breach in history.