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Episode 1550 December 16, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Dan from New Jersey Comments

Dan is ready to cut the cord and wants to know what equipment he needs. Which antenna should he buy? Leo says it depends on where he lives, and what stations he can get. There are two websites he should check out: TVFool and Antenna Web. Both sites will tell him what stations will be available based on his address, and will make recommendations on what is the best antenna for his situation. Yagi makes some of the best directional antennas, though.

Dan also wants to get into Raspberry Pi. Leo says it's a full computer for $35, and it's a great project to learn how to build a computer.

Watch Terry from Seal Beach, CA Comments

Terry created an "alias" through Outlook for his email, but now it's not working. Leo says that Microsoft has a discussion about this known issue here. The fix was not to use the auto account setup, but to manually set it up. But that hasn't helped Terry. Leo suspects that since Microsoft killed MSN Mail, that could be the issue.

Another issue is that Terry can't get the email in Windows 7, but in Windows 10, he can. Leo says that the "new and improved" Outlook may have caused the problem in Windows 7. If he could view it in "classic" view, he may be able to see it. The good news is that his mail is there and available. He just can't see it. But unfortunately, Microsoft has made it impossible to go back to "classic" view. Leo recommends trying a different browser, like Edge or Chrome. That way he's avoiding the upgraded view in I.E.

That chatroom says that there's a new feature called Focused Inbox that could also cause the issue. It's in the settings. If he turns that off he should be able to see it.

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Watch Doctor Mom from New York Comments

Doctor Mom is calling in to talk about all the latest Echo products put out by Amazon. The Amazon Echo Input, is a speakerless Echo that you can attach to a speaker you already have. Echo can read your email if you ask, too. There's also a feature called Alexa Guard, which willl listen for things like glass breaking and smoke detection, and will turn on all the stereos really loud and then contact the authorities.

Doctor Mom also bought the Echo Clock. It sets a timer with a visual cue. Doctor Mom used to have an Echo Show in the kitchen, but she can't keep it clean.

Watch Josh from Mesa, AZ Comments

John's mom recently passed away and had an old laptop. But when he turns it on, he gets an error "desktop not available." Leo says it's likely that the profile may have gotten corrupted, or is non-existent. Since she's been automatically logging in, that's where the error pops up. But there could be a hidden administrator account with permissions to take over all features. He can Google how to access that. Once he does, he should get the data out of it immediately. Then he should wipe the drive and start over.

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary is about to get an Android phone and is concerned about security. Leo says that mobile phones have enhanced security with apps sandboxed from one another, and as such, are extremely secure. Android also has a mobile kill switch for apps, so if a bad app is installed, Google can kill it. So he doesn't really need an antivirus app for his smartphone. He should just make sure to only install apps from reputable sources.

How about recording calls? Leo says that Google Voice can do that. But there's also an app called ACR that will do it. But in many states, he'll have to have consent to record. So he should be aware of what the law is where he lives.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Diane from Chicago, IL Comments

Diane got the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and she loves it. She hears that she can make it her main computer, is that true? Leo says if she gets the optional DeX Pad dock, she can. She'll just connect her phone to the dock, and then the dock is connected to a keyboard, monitor and mouse. And since she's already spent $1,000 on her phone, what's another $70 for the dock? But it won't be as powerful or as flexible as a Windows machine. It relies on proprietary apps by Samsung. But she could use it to access a standard Windows machine via remote access.

The chatroom says there are third party DeX docks that aren't proprietary. The Intel NUC, on the other hand, can run full windows. But she can get a full laptop for the price of a NUC. A Chromebook, for instance.

Watch Greg from Ozarks Comments

Greg has a DVD/VCR combo, but it only plays in black and white. Leo says that the likely culprit is a bad composite cable (red, white, yellow). So he should replace that. They're pretty cheap. ScooterX in the chatroom says that in the memo of the DVD player, there's a setting that could be affecting it. The TV may be using the same jacks for component as it does for composite. He should check his menu settings. TomsGuide has information on how to do that.

Watch Ed from Clairemore, OK Comments

Ed thinks the iPhone is more secure than Android because malware always affects Android, not Apple. Leo says that Apple keeps the iPhone more sandboxed and doesn't allow users to install anything but apps approved by Apple. Google, by contrast, allows alternative Android stores, but they do require all apps in the Google Play to be approved. Apple is only marginally more secure. Bottom line, Apple will protect his information, and Google will sell it.

Watch Bruce from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Bruce has Wi-Fi coverage in his house because it's long and narrow. He doesn't want extenders. So he's thinking of using Cat5 ethernet. Can he take an ethernet connection and convert it to Wi-Fi? Leo says that the TP-Link EAP225 access points will do the trick. He can also turn his router into bridge mode for that. But he can also use Powerline Networking, where he can use his electrical grid for networking and get internet access in every room. He can just plug in the Powerline adapters.

Watch Steve from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Steve bought an Epson Eco Tank 4750 printer, but it prints only about 10% of the time. Leo says that the printer spool queue driver is the issue. He should try updating or replacing the driver. He can Uninstall the driver, then reinstall the latest drivers.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)