Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1545 (19:17)

Scott Wilkinson

Over Black Friday weekend, shoppers used their mobile devices to buy over a billion dollars in products. Total retail sales for November is 38 billion dollars. Are TVs better to buy during the Super Bowl, rather than Black Friday? Scott says maybe. They are later in the product cycle and the deals are to clear out models for the new models. So TVs are a better bargain the week before the Super Bowl. But Black Friday deals are pretty good for TVs if you need one.

News item - the very first 8K broadcast started today in Japan. NHK, the Japanese public broadcasting, is doing it. Are there sets that can receive it? Scott says there are a few from Sharp, Samsung, and Sony. But they're very expensive, in the 5-6 figure range. So how would anyone see 8K content? Scott says that Sharp sells a special 8K receiver for $2200 and it requires four HDMI cables. And the only content comes directly from NHK via Satellite. It also does it with 22.2 audio, which is 22 speakers in surround.

Tuba Christmas is coming up. Go to for details.