What service should I use to digitize home movies?

Episode 1544 (32:17)

Stuart from Los Angeles, CA

Stuart inherited a box of old 8mm family films. He was thinking of digitizing it himself, but thought better of it. Now he's looking for an affordable and trustworthy service. Leo recommends ScanCafe. They will send him a box that he can stuff and send to them, and then they will not only scan them all, but they'll clean them as well. But the worry is shipping them. If the box gets lost, there goes a lifetime of memories. Leo says a big box store service gives better peace of mind because he isn't mailing them.

Here's a couple local LA options:

Should he have them transferred to a DVD? Leo says he wouldn't. Have them save it to H.264 or H.265 and save it to a hard drive, or data disc.

What MacBook should he buy for video editing? Leo says that the latest i7 would be fine, but if he doesn't want to spend that kind of money, he can think about the new Mac Mini. Prices start at $700 and he'd just need to use his own display, keyboard and mouse. And the latest model is great for editing video.