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Watch Charles from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Charles' wife is bedridden and needs something to keep her occupied. Leo says the iPad is an ideal choice. It has a nice screen and decent speakers. She could stream video and even watch live tv. Then she can switch to playing a game. Leo says it's the ultimate entertainment device. Leo would recommend the 12.9" model.

They can even get a floor stand that will let her put it by the bed so she doesn't have to hold it. Here's one called LEVO. The best discount price Leo has found is $50 off at B&H Photo. There's also refurbished from Apple. They could save a little there that way.

Watch Stuart from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Stuart inherited a box of old 8mm family films. He was thinking of digitizing it himself, but thought better of it. Now he's looking for an affordable and trustworthy service. Leo recommends ScanCafe. They will send him a box that he can stuff and send to them, and then they will not only scan them all, but they'll clean them as well. But the worry is shipping them. If the box gets lost, there goes a lifetime of memories. Leo says a big box store service gives better peace of mind because he isn't mailing them.

Here's a couple local LA options:

Should he have them transferred to a DVD? Leo says he wouldn't. Have them save it to H.264 or H.265 and save it to a hard drive, or data disc.

What MacBook should he buy for video editing? Leo says that the latest i7 would be fine, but if he doesn't want to spend that kind of money, he can think about the new Mac Mini. Prices start at $700 and he'd just need to use his own display, keyboard and mouse. And the latest model is great for editing video.

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Watch G. Scott from Lake Tahoe, CA Comments

G Scott has a Microsoft Surface and wants to remove the hybrid drive. Leo says the best idea is to use SSDs. He should get a fast one for his M.2 drive and the slower SSD for the secondary drive.

Watch Doctor Bird from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Doctor Bird wanted Leo's opinion of the new Canon EOS-R mirrorless camera. Leo agrees with Doctor Bird that the mirrorless market is just "good enough" right now, but by design, it hasn't been as good as what is available in Canon's DSLRs. Leo says that they can be just as good, though.

Chris Marquardt says that DSLRs are on their way out, and before long, mirrorless will be the market.

Watch Austin from Nashville, TN Comments

Austin's TIVO DVR isn't working, except for flashing lights. Leo says there's a place in LA called WeakKnees, which can replace his hard drive. There's also, which says it could be a bad hard drive or a bad motherboard. If it's a bad hard drive, he can get a hard drive kit to replace it. But if it's a bad motherboard, then he'll have to buy a new device.

He could also try drive recovery using SpinRite. It doesn't care what the drive format is, it just reads sectors and then moves it from bad sectors. It could be worth a try if he really wants what's on that drive.

Watch Charisse from Lancaster, CA Comments

Charisse wants to know if she can connect a new Mac Mini to her Samsung TV. Leo says it will if she has the same connectors on that TV, but it won't really be that crisp.

Can she use one keyboard and mouse for both the Mac Mini and her Surface? Leo says she can, if she gets a KVM switch. She'll plug them both into the output plug, then plug everything else into it. Then she can use a button to move back and forth between the two computers.

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Watch Dennis from Rouche, OR Comments

Dennis wants to take some close up photos of diamonds and gems using a point and shoot camera. Can he do that? He can't afford an expensive macro lens. Leo says that point and shoots do macro photography quite well. His first choice would be the Sony RX100 series. It has a 1" sensor, which will give him the best results.

Leo recommends going to for reviews of cameras. They also have a very good video out on Macro Photography.

Another option to consider is a micro 4/3s camera. But the price of the camera for that purpose is going to be in the same ballpark as a macro lens.

From the chatroom - The macro isn't the best for the RX. has an article on the best cameras for macros in 2018, and it says the Olympus TG5 is the best point and shoot. Min distance down to 1CM in macro mode. $379. That's a great deal.

Watch Greg from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Greg would like an alternative to Quicken. He doesn't like the subscription service, and is tired of buying upgrades. He would prefer a Mac option that Turbo Tax will support. Leo says that he thinks Intuit wants everyone to move towards Mint, which is free. Mint automatically imports bank and credit card information. It does a great job categorizing as well. There's an open source app called Money Manager EX, which Leo says is designed for those looking to leave Quicken. Quicken is doing a Black Friday sale right now for 30% off. So he could save some money for buying a few years worth. And he can do it for the Mac. There's also IGG Banktivity.

Watch Ruben from British Columbia, CAN Comments

Ruben has a Chromebook and wants to do photo editing. He can't use Photoshop or Lightroom with a Chromebook. Leo says not yet, but it's coming.

Google Photos online will give him some good photo editing and management capability. Most modern Chromebooks support Android apps, though. Snapseed would work on that. If he has an older Chromebook, there's a Chrome extension called Polarr.

Where can he post photos for feedback? Leo says Flickr really is the best, especially now that SmugMug has bought it. There's also

Watch Clyde from California Comments

Clyde's wife has an iPad and it's switching between apps accidentally. Leo says iOS 12 has a new interface that enables users to swipe left or right and change apps. It's a new feature and she may be doing that by accident. It is possible that there may be a stuck button that's causing it. Leo recommends going to the nearest Apple Store and setting up an appointment with a Genius. She should describe the problem, and they'll show her what's going on. They may even have one-on-one training.

Watch Mike from Spokane, WA Comments

Mike was thrilled that Apple came out with a new Mac Mini, but he thinks that the graphic processor is a bit underpowered. Leo says that may be by design, so that users will buy their eGPU, which was built by Blackmagic. Leo says it's nice, but it's not upgradeable.

There are other options out there that are upgradeable. Leo recommends the Razor Core X. He can swap out video cards whenever he wants.