What computer should I buy my grandson?

Episode 1542 (2:18:44)

Carole from New Port Richey, FL
Acer Chromebase 24

Carole wants to get her grandson a new laptop, because the iPad is too fragile. Leo says they can break because of that large glass screen. Leo recommends a Chromebook. If she would rather get him a desktop, there are Chrome Boxes as well. The Acer Chromebase is the one to get. Nice and secure, and easy to use.

If he likes to game, however, that would require Windows. Gaming is demanding, so she can get a cheap desktop, but if she's willing to spend $1000-1500, she can do OK. Remember, with a desktop she'll need a monitor, keyboard and mouse, speakers/headset. Dell makes good, affordable desktops. But maybe Carole needs to make sure his XBox is working OK, and then go with the Chromebase desktop. She can also look at a PlayStation 4. There's a PS4 bundle with the new Spiderman game for $199 for Black Friday right now.