Can I download higher quality photos and videos by connecting over USB?

Episode 1538 (1:56:13)

Garett from Chico, CA
Google Pixel 3

Leo says yes, all Android phones can do this. He just needs to get a USB cable, either USB Type A or Type C depending on what his computer has. A Windows PC should be able to mount the phone as a drive, but he may need to get software for it if he's on Mac. He can look for "Android File Transfer Manager" which is a free program that allows the Mac to see the Android device.

Once he has it connected, he'll be presented a choice between MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) or PTP (Photo Transfer Protocol). Either one would work for him. Media would let him browse the folders on the Pixel and find the Movies folder to copy files over. PTP would make the phone appear as a camera to the PC. Then whatever happens when a camera is connected would happen with his Pixel phone. This would be the original quality of the video. But since he bought a Pixel, Google offers unlimited full quality pictures on Google Photos. So it may not be better quality to connect via USB cable.