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Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul's daughter dropped her Sony A6000 camera lens into the sand and the repair facility wants $141. She can get a new one for that, which is "bulk international lens." Leo says that chances are it's a grey market item, which comes with no warranty. If that was a camera, Leo would say no. But with a Lens, it's less of an issue. One thing she'll have to be careful of is that more than half the stuff sold on Amazon isn't sold by Amazon, it's just fulfilled by Amazon. So she does run a risk if Amazon doesn't ship it. If it's a reputable company with decent ratings, it should be OK.

Watch Dave from Binghampton, NY Comments

Dave wants to replace his Airport Extreme with a mesh router. Leo says that's a good idea since Apple has stopped making routers. Mesh routers are good because they are always updated and provide great coverage around a large house. The downside is that to get additional features and updates, he'll have to pay around $100 a year for that support.

Leo recommends Eero and Plume, and the Netgear Orbi. Even the standalone routers from Asus, Linksys, and NetGear have mesh features. The NetGear Nighthawk is a good one that's recommended by The WireCutter. The Synology RT2600 is also good.

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Watch Jonathan from Nashua, NH Comments

Josh has a Samsung Galaxy S6 that he really likes because he can shoot raw with it. But it was a proprietary version of raw, and Lightroom can't read it. What can he do? Leo says it's up to Adobe to write a converter for it. Josh says that shooting in Camera FV5 shoots raw in a version that can be read, and it can also convert the S6 raw files to DNG. The thing about raw is that it has to be processed in post in order to get the best looking image from it.

Watch Robert from Mira Mesa, CA Comments

Robert is looking for a personal GPS tag for hiking and backpacking that can be used to locate someone in case of an emergency, but isn't tied to cellular. Leo says they are a very popular device for hikers, and the technology is called SPOT. It does GPS with their own satellite network, shows waypoints on Google Maps, and will alert family. Robert can check it out at There are also watches that use SPOT. Garmin's InReach has its own network.

Caller Gary in hour three mentioned the Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) which he can register with the federal government and they can use it to find people.

Watch Seth from Long Beach, CA Comments

Both of Seth's parents are now hard of hearing and they need headphones to watch TV. Is there a system that can do it for them? Leo says that hearing aids now can pair to the TV. So if they need a hearing aid, that's a good feature to get. But if he wants headphones, Leo got his mother a pair of Sennheiser wireless RF headphones. They work much better than Bluetooth.

Watch Dave from Seattle, WA Comments

Dave travels to Mexico every year for a vacation but Vudu doesn't work overseas anymore. Leo says that Movies Anywhere will let him download his movies and he can just put them on his phone or tablet. That makes it a lot easier to travel. Netflix and Amazon Prime also will let him download movies to watch offline.

Here are the movie studios that support Movies Anywhere.

Watch Bill from Sunland, CA Comments

Bill's Vizio TV has been suddenly turning off and not powering back on. Leo says there's a list of things Bill can do to troubleshoot his Vizio here (

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Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary has Google Fi and would like to block calls by area code. Leo says that robocalls are the bane of smartphones and studies show that by next year, up to 80% of all calls will be robocalls to cell phones. Blocking an area code is extreme, but Leo says that Google is working on a technology that will route robo calls, or require them to identify themselves. Google Voice already does that. There's also an app called PreFixer which will block a number by prefix. Another interesting app is Signal Spy, which would let him choose the network he wants with Google Fi.

Watch Steve from Tacoma, WA Comments

Steve's Windows 10 machine won't update beyond 1803. Leo says that Microsoft pulled 1809 because of some bugs. It will be fixed and available again soon, though. Feature updates aren't critical — it's just the security updates that are important. But if it's preventing him from getting security updates, then it could mean the update is blocked and he'll have to clear 1803 in order to get back to updating. Microsoft has a troubleshooter for blocked updates, and Leo recommends running it. He can get it at (here).

Here's another article at on how to reset Windows Update components, and here's an article on fixing Windows Update errors.

Watch Dee Dee from Pasadena,CA Comments

Dee Dee is moving into an office that's promising free Wi-Fi and hardwired internet. Does she need both? Leo says that she's probably getting local service and she can connect either way. Hardwired connections will be faster and she won't have to deal with congestion. This could also mean they are just providing the wired infrastructure, and she'll still have to buy her own internet to use with it. Or, they may be offering a free public Wi-Fi. Leo recommends checking on that. She should also do a speed test, and ask if they have bandwidth caps. Coworking spaces often offer not only internet, but good internet. So Dee Dee might be all set already.

Check out Dee Dee on Etsy here.