What's a good scanner for documents?

Episode 1528 (51:39)

Joseph from Holden, MA
Epson WorkForce ES-500W

Joseph wants to know what scanners and OCR software is the most accurate. Leo says that optical character recognition software has made great strides, but it isn't perfect. It still has issues with tiny letters and handwriting. If he's looking for a perfect copy of a text, it's not really going to give him a letter for letter identification. But it will be close. Nuance makes the best software out there.

In fact, smartphones have really changed up the game, as he can use his smartphone to not only scan a document, but do OCR.

One thing that will make it easier to do en masse, is a sheet feeder for his scanner. Epson has excellent document and photo scanners with good sheet feeders, like the WorkForce ES500, for instance. It can scan a page every 2-3 seconds. It costs around $329. It's designed for wireless scanning to PC, Mac, smartphone, or to the cloud.

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