Amazon Hosts Surprise Alexa Event with 14 New Products

Episode 1525 (02:22)

Thursday, Amazon held a surprise Alexa event, announcing 14 new Alexa centered products, with nearly 75 new features. Rich doesn't think it's trivial that Amazon chose the day before the iPhone shipped to grab all the headlines. But Rich also thinks that companies want their customers to be exclusive, and you can end up becoming deeper into their ecosystem, making it harder to use other products outside of it.

Among the Alexa Products announced:
Echo Hub
Echo Show with a 10" HD display. $230, which Rich thinks is pricey for something you don't really need. But the Echo Show also supports Skype, which is great for keeping contact with friends around the world.
Echo Wall Clock - $30. Offers not only the time, but you can set a timer with a visual representation of how much time you have left. Great for the kitchen, or projects.
Echo SubWoofer - You can wirelessly connect a sub woofer to your echo speakers to create a nifty home theater.
Echo Amazon Basics Microwave - customizes popcorn popping time based on brand.
Echo smart plug - to connect your devices to Amazon Alexa. $30. Would have been great if they were $10-15 dollars.

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