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Watch Elise from Los Osos, CA Comments

Elise uses Apple Mail with her Gmail account and whenever she saves a draft email, it disappears. Rich thinks the culprit may be a corruption in the Apple Mail program itself. He recommends that she look in Gmail in her browser to verify is the draft emails are still there. They probably are. Then she can reset or rebuild Apple Mail. She may need to delete her email account from the app and then add it again.

Watch Eric from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Eric wants to buy a color laser printer and he doesn't really know what model to get. He needs one that has a document feeder and scanner. Rich says that HP makes the WireCutter's favorite color laser printer: The HP Laserjet Pro M254dw Wireless Color Laser Printer.

Watch Thomas from Vancouver, WA Comments

Thomas has an Android mobile phone and it charges really slowly. Rich says that with Android phones, the charging devices are hit and miss and using a fast charge device may not be the best option. Or, it could be a cheap cable that's slowing it down. Try changing out the cable first. The he should investigate the battery. If it has a removable battery, he could try replacing it and see if it speeds up charging. If so, he'll know it's a faulty battery.

Watch Sherry from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Sherry is looking for an affordable Chromebook with a budget of $350. Rich says that to be sure he doesn't get one so cheap that it's underpowered. Acer makes a good model in that price range. She should also get one that has a touch screen so that she can use Android apps. Unfortunately, Chromebooks won't let users install third party apps other than Android apps, but if she can live with that, Rich recommends going to Costco to pick up one. They're a great deal, so she can get more bang for her buck.

Can she connect to the internet with her mobile phone and the Chromebook? Rich says sure, in hotspot mode. She could turn that on with her mobile phone and she can connect. But she should understand she'll have to pay extra for it.

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Watch Carl from Upland, CA Comments

Carl transferred some podcast audio from one computer to another and it won't play on the other computer hard drive, just on the USB drive. Rich suspects a format issue. It sounds like it isn't a standard MP3 file, and as such, his Windows mp3 player is having issues playing it. Rich also says he may want to try converting the audio using VLC or Handbrake. Another possibility is that it requires some sort of "key" to play the audio. Or additional components.

Watch Anthony from Chicago, IL Comments

Anthony is a professional photographer and he's trying to transfer his images and videos from his old iPhone to the new iPhone through his computer. But it's taking forever. Rich says what's likely happening is that it's converting files from the HEIC codec as it transfers. Anthony should go into his settings for image capture and check "keep originals." That should speed things up, especially with video.

Watch Rico from Cerritos, CA Comments

Rico is trying to replace the cracked LCD screen on his MacBook Air. He's having issues with the LCD layers underneath the glass. Where can he buy a replacement part for that? Rich says that Rico should go to iFixIt. They not only will show him how to fix issues like that, but they also offer the parts and tools to do it.

Another option is to buy a broken MacBook Air for parts. He can check OWC at They have parts as well, but mostly for upgrades.

Watch Nam from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Nam wants to upgrade his tablet. What should he buy? Rich says that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a good option, but at $650, it seems a bit pricey. And for that price, he'd be much better off with the iPad. They're better tablets. The Android tablet hasn't really taken off like the iPad has.

Watch Dan from New Jersey Comments

Dan would like to get a doorbell that can not only notify his parents with video when someone is at the door, but can also unlock the door remotely. Rich says there are products that do one or the other, but not a lot that can do both. Ring is a great video doorbell, and he can view it remotely on a mobile device. Nest IQ has face detection, and could unlock the door. But he really doesn't want something fully automated. Plus, will Jack's parents really want to deal with the technology involved?

A two step process is probably best, and safer. He should get the Ring doorbell, and then have a remote that will unlock the door. He could also consider a dedicated tablet for it, so they always know where it is.

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Watch Ed from Illinois Comments

Ed uses Proton Mail, but also Gmail. Gmail tells him he has a message at Proton Mail, but he wants to get rid of Gmail. Rich says one thing to do is just log out of Gmail and it will leave him alone. Another option is to look at what third party apps have access to his Gmail account at