Why is my internet so slow?

Episode 1524 (33:06)

Adrian from Loredo, TX
Netgear R7000P

Adrian is living in a rural area having an issue with slow internet service. He got a new router, but the problem still persists. Rich says this could be because of living in a rural area. He should try and bypass the router and do a speed test. If it works better, then it points to the router as the issue. But Rich doesn't think it's the router, since Adrian bought a new one. Rich thinks there may be an issue between the modem and the router. He should do a factory reset on the modem (better yet, ask his ISP for a new one).

He can also try replacing the ethernet cable that runs between the modem and the router. More likely, though, there's something wrong with the router settings that is preventing it from communicating with his modem properly.

Here are some steps Adrian can try:

1. Unplug everything.
2. Reset the router.
3. Connect the computer to the modem and run the speed test. If it's working, move to step 4.
4. Add the router. Connect by wire to the router. Make sure it's been reset. See what happens.
5. Then if that works, he can try using Wi-Fi.