How can we live stream our church services?

Episode 1521 (1:54:24)

Dan from Fresno, CA
Canon Vixia G20

Dan's church is looking to live stream their services, and they are looking for the best cameras to use. Leo suggests going cheap with the cameras. Leo got consumer-grade Canon Vixia cameras for the TWiT studio, and they only cost $400 to $500 now. Dan could just get four or five cameras that can cover every angle, and then he'll just need a video switcher so they can switch between cameras while streaming. He can go look at BlackMagic, which has specialized cameras that are fairly affordable. The only issue with the consumer-grade cameras like Leo has is that the power supplies tend to die. They are fairly reliable though. Leo's advice isn't to think about 4K or even 1080p, because when it's being streamed, if it's too high quality, people won't have a good experience streaming it.

Dan says they were looking at the Vixia G20 and Vixia G40. Leo says they'll have to look into the zoom ratio to see how far they can zoom in.