How can I recover my Windows 10 password?

Episode 1521 (53:55)

John from Dana Point, CA
Windows 10

John has a Lenovo X5 and he put a special PIN code password into his computer. Now it won't accept the code because of the special characters he used. It also won't accept his fingerprint ID. Leo says that there should be an option to recover his account with his Microsoft ID. He should go to another computer and sign onto his Microsoft account to make sure it's working and valid. He can reset it with a new login, just in case. Then he should see if the recovery option appears. But if that isn't offered, the only other option may be to restore it from a previous install by formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows.

From the chatroom, he should try logging into safe mode, and then enable the admin feature. Then he can change his PIN through the Administrator account. Also, he should Google "How to enable the hidden administrator account." HowToGeek has a good article on it here.

His Windows 10 recovery disc also has a password recovery app. He should use that first.