Is my SSD drive failing?

Episode 1519

Mike from Dana Point, CA

Mike upgraded his computer with an SSD hard drive and after two years, he's getting a drive failure error. SuperDuper said that his hard drive was failing, and won't run. But Crucial, the drive manufacturer says that it isn't and could charge him $500 should they look at it and there's nothing wrong. Leo says it could be a false positive on the part of Super Duper. SuperDuper's SMART technology feature is designed to predict when your drive is going to fail. Problem is, it's not all that smart. There are other programs including Carbon Copy Cloner that do the same thing. And it's try before you buy. So it would be a good idea to download and run it, in order to get a second opinion. But it could also be a failing controller.

Leo says to put the SSD drive back in, and let it fail (if it does). Just make sure you have a good backup.