How can I recover my crashed hard drive?

Episode 1517 (33:56)

Skyler from Cooper City, FL

Skyler's laptop drive crashed during the saving of a large file. Now the drive can't be seen by the computer. He tried seeing it in SpinRite and it doesn't see it either. Leo says that laptop had a so-called "fusion drive" which was half hard drive, half SSD drive. The technology was designed in a time when SSD drives were too expensive, and it really wasn't that great performance wise. It could be the spinning drive died, or the SSD drive died. Try rebooting into your BIOS and see if the BIOS sees it. If it does, then it could be a software issue. If it doesn't, then that's likely hardware oriented. Maybe a failed bus, or connector. If you can see it on a second computer, you can try using Spin Rite again. If that doesn't work, then it could be that the drive is dead. Bad sectors, a bent arm. At this stage, it depends on how important the data is, as you're looking at a hardware recovery company like DriveSavers, and that could run thousands.

This is why we talk about backup. Backup. Backup. Three copies, on two formats, one off site.