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Watch George from Venice, FL Comments

George is running out of room on his iPhone. How can he make space without deleting his photos and videos? Leo says the first thing to do is turn on iCloud to backup your photo storage. Also, use the replace photos with thumbnails option so that the originals aren't left on your phone. You may need to buy extra iCloud space though. So the other option is Google Photos. Download that app and backup your photos and videos to Google Photos. You get 15GB of uncompressed space, or unlimited high resolution space. All for free. You can also select the free up space in google photos and it will free up space on your mobile device. If you want to look at a photo that's been backed up, go to Other app options include flickr, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, you also get free unlimited photo backup.

Watch Skyler from Cooper City, FL Comments

Skyler's laptop drive crashed during the saving of a large file. Now the drive can't be seen by the computer. He tried seeing it in SpinRite and it doesn't see it either. Leo says that laptop had a so-called "fusion drive" which was half hard drive, half SSD drive. The technology was designed in a time when SSD drives were too expensive, and it really wasn't that great performance wise. It could be the spinning drive died, or the SSD drive died. Try rebooting into your BIOS and see if the BIOS sees it. If it does, then it could be a software issue. If it doesn't, then that's likely hardware oriented. Maybe a failed bus, or connector. If you can see it on a second computer, you can try using Spin Rite again. If that doesn't work, then it could be that the drive is dead. Bad sectors, a bent arm. At this stage, it depends on how important the data is, as you're looking at a hardware recovery company like DriveSavers, and that could run thousands.

This is why we talk about backup. Backup. Backup. Three copies, on two formats, one off site.

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Watch Jonathan from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Jonathan wants to know how he can catalog multiple hard drives on a Mac. He uses Super Duper to backup a lot of hard drives and he doesn't want to confuse them. Leo says NeoFinder is a good one, because it can read both NTFS and FAT32 on the Mac.

He also came across a crowd sourced photo editing service called Mendr, which gives you the ability to upload a photo and then Mendr will find a talented photo editor to fix your photo as you need. iOS/Android. Free app, but you pay for the service per photo. Leo says thats a great tip!

Watch Andy from New Jersey Comments

Andy works as a remote IT guy and he's discovered that the company spies on his network. Leo says one way to solve this issue is to disconnect the XFinity router from the company computer. But if they insist on an always on connection, the Tiny Hardware Firewall may be a good solution. It'll connect to the VPN through a separate router and they wouldn't see any other traffic. Another way to do this, is to get rid of the XFinity router and use your own, like the Ubiquity Edge Router X, which gives you discreet lan options. XFinity also uses PLUME Mesh routers with a VLan feature for multi level networking. Guest. Home. and Administrator. You could then put your work computer on Guest Internet Only mode and it would be locked out of anything else.

Watch Rolland from Hutchinson, KS Comments

Rolland wants to make hard drive copies of his DVDs. Leo says you need two programs ... Handbrake (which does the re-encoding) and VLC Media Client (which does the playback to bypass the copy protection). If you want the full thing. Image Burn is very popular for Windows. If you're on Mac, then Disco. The chatroom says DVDFab.CN is another option. But Leo says that's probably illegal, technically.

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Watch Paul from Ventura, CA Comments

Paul wants to get into 3D printing as a hobby, but he doesn't want to spend several thousand to get into it. Thoughts? Leo says it depends on what you want to do with it. What Leo recommends is finding a Maker's Space near you (usually at a local library or junior college) and learn how to use them before you invest all the time and money. It's a great way to get the basics down. Once you're ready, The WireCutter is a good place to find out which 3d printers are the best - Then there's what filament to use. PLA is generally the best to start out with.

Watch Jay from North Carolina Comments

Jay's mother is having issues with her bank, that here ATM card is getting accessed over and over again, even though the bank has reissued the card with a separate number. How can that be and what can he do? Leo says that a smaller bank may have lackluster security. Protections are much better on credit cards, than debit cards. You can only be on the hook for $50 with a credit card. With a debit card, the limits are higher. Always keep possession of your debit card and use a credit card for other options, like online purchases, or eating out. If the bank isn't helpful, it's time to get another bank.

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Watch Chris from Frisco, TX Comments

Chris has a SONY credit card and he has amassed a bunch of points to use to get a camera. Is the Sony A7 good? Leo loves his Sony A7R II. Great camera. But if you're just a hobbyist who loves to take snapshots, the Sony RX100 is a great point and shoot camera, but it isn't cheap at $1200. And if you have a ton of points, then the RX100 Mk. V is last year's model and it's still a great camera. It really comes down to just how much you want. Since Chris already has an Alpha camera, using the Sony A6000 would probably be a good choice as well.

Chris' daughter wants an iPad pro for sketching. Leo says that new iPads will be announced in a month, and if you can until then, she'll not only have a more powerful iPad, but the current models will be cheaper.