Can I roll back my Windows update?

Episode 1516 (19:27)

David from Wichita Falls, TX
Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu

David just got the latest Windows 1803 update, and broke several of his apps. Is there a way he can roll back to use them? Leo says that he won't want to roll back. It's too important for the security. If it is the 1803 update, that's not as important as the security updates because it's a feature update. So he can roll it back if he wants and defer it for up to a year. Sooner or later, though, Microsoft is going to force that update upon him.

David should go to Advanced Options and select "branch readiness." One way around it all is to set his Wi-Fi connection to "metered." That will make Windows think he has to pay by the bit. Then it won't update to 1803. The problem with that, however, is that it will also block security updates, and he really needs those. The Windows Fall update, 1809, is coming in October, so he may want to wait until then.

It's far better to get new versions of the software he uses that will work with Windows 10. Talk to them about how 1803 broke it.