How can I download apps from Google Play onto my Amazon Fire tablet?

Episode 1509 (1:21:32)

Pete from San Gabriel, CA
Amazon Fire TV

Pete has an Amazon Fire tablet and he wants to know how he can get Android apps from Google Play. Leo says that Amazon's fire tablets don't come with Google Play — he'll have to use Amazon's own app store. It's possible to install the Play Store on the Fire tablet, but he'll have to turn off "only download settings in the play store" or "don't allow apps from unknown sources" option. It's in "settings and security" in the carousel. Then, once he does that, he can get the Google Play store from the APK Mirror. He'll also need Google Account Manager, Google Services, Google Play Services. Here's the step by step from

Once he's done, he can re-enable the "don't allow apps from unknown sources" to stay secure.