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Episode 1508 July 22, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul had a Dell XPS computer, then he got an iMac running Boot Camp. He hasn't been backing up since December. He changed the file structure when he moved to the new computer, and now his backups are duplicates instead of a select backup folder. Leo says he can tell his operating system where his home folder is in the partition. Once he's done that, he can delete the duplicates.

He can also try using RoboCopy in Windows. In the command line, he can just type "robo copy" and enter. Leo would also recommend a sync utility like Second Copy by Centered Systems. For the Mac, he can use RSync.

Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian would like to get a portable computer monitor. Leo says that Asus has an amazing portable 15" LCD monitor called the Zen Screen. It connects over USB Type-C, it has a 1080p resolution and has great colors. It costs about $235. Asus also has a USB 3 version for about $50 less.

Watch Dale from Palmdale, CA Comments

Dale says that DirecTV has an insurance protection program that will protect your TV in case it dies. They will either fix or replace it. It costs $7.99 a month. Leo says that insurance is a very good business.

Dale also got an Oculus Go and wants to know how to stream video on it. Leo says that the Oculus Go uses apps, and there's probably a Netflix app for it. If there isn't, it's only a matter of time until it does. He should look in the Oculus app store. Leo also says it's only a matter of time before we're living in a world like Ready Player One.

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Watch Ed from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Ed is blind and uses a Plantronics Bluetooth headset with his iPhone. When he gets an incoming call while he's on a call, he can't do anything without cutting off his current call. Leo says that call waiting is an imperfect technology and he doesn't use it. Leo says that if he can tell Siri to put it on hold, and take the other one, that would be great. Ed should talk to an Apple Genius at the Apple Store. They may know something.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sam lives in a 2 story condo, but with the Wi-Fi enabled cameras he's buying, should he get a new router? Leo says Wi-Fi security cameras are often a challenge because they tend to be in the periphery, but a single router should be able to cover his 1500 square feet. Leo suggests that Sam move his router and modem connection to another spot. He could actually leave the modem where it is, and just connect the router with a longer ethernet cable. Leo also says that Sam's Asus router has added some mesh-like features in a recent firmware update. So he should try updating it. Then he could add a bridge upstairs that can act as a repeater.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Tim from Franklin, OH Comments

Tim uses Time Machine for his backup, but the backup fails intermittently. His Synology NAS is citing improper credentials as the cause. Leo says that encryption certificates need to be renewed from time to time, and if he's encrypting his data on backup, that could be the issue.

There is a post on Synology forums about this: Time Machine, Making it Work. Learn from my Suffering. There are some steps that can help.

Watch Bob from Tulsa, OK Comments

Bob has all his passwords inputted in a spreadsheet. Is that secure? Leo says if it works for him, that's one step better than just using the same password over and over. But if someone gets ahold of that file, they have the keys to his kingdom. That's why using LastPass, which generates complicated and secure passwords is a good idea. Bob agrees, but he doesn't know how to use it to change his passwords. Leo says if he goes to LastPass's help desk, they describe step by step how to do it.

Bob should go into LastPass and he'll see a wrench icon. He should click on that and select "change password". Another option for websites is to change the password on a site and LastPass will ask him if he wants to save that password. Then he'll simply click yes. That wouldn't be the LastPass generated password, but it's one way to go.

Bob also has an Acura and after an iOS update, the phone won't work with his car anymore. Leo says that if he didn't delete the phone in his Acura first, then it won't work. So he should delete the phone in his Acura OS and then start over.

(Disclaimer: LastPass is a sponsor)

Watch Jean from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Jean wants to know if she should buy her own modem or not. She has DSL. Leo says that since she has DSL, she should just stick with the modem that DSL Extreme provided to her. Generally when Leo talks about replacing the modem to avoid the rental fee, he's talking about cable modems. He wouldn't mess with a DSL modem. As far as the router goes, Leo would recommend Jean get the TP-Link Archer C8, which is less than $80.