What rear camera can I get for my truck?

Episode 1507 (1:40:35)

Pat from Victorville, CA
Pyle Wireless Backup Car Camera Rearview Monitor System

Pat recently bought a fifth wheel trailer and wants to have a rear mounted camera that he can see from the cabin. He'd like to spend around $150. Leo says that cameras are cheap. The money is in how it's installed and connected. Many cameras use Wi-Fi, though, and that could cost him some extra money as well.

Leo says he had an Esky backup camera that he installed into the license plate frame and it used a wireless connection. Then his phone or tablet would become the screen. The 4UCam is a good Wi-Fi backup camera as well. Pyle is another good brand. All under $100.

The only real challenge may be congestion caused by the metal in the trailer.