How can I capture my old VHS tapes?

Episode 1505 (1:04:48)

Lynn from Covina, CA
Elgato video capture

Lynn has a bunch of old VHS home movies. How can she convert them so she can watch them? Leo says that the best way these days is to go to a service, like Scan Cafe. They have professional equipment and can color correct. When factoring in the equipment she would need to do it herself; the VCR, the cables, the analog to digital converter to get it into the computer, and the time, she may as well just pay Scan Cafe to do it. There are some video capture devices out there, but she should consider that it won't be any better than it is on VHS now.

The Elgato Video capture is $82. That will give her everything she'll need to get it into her computer. There is also the Hauppauge USB Live 2 for $45. Then she would connect the VCR to the digitizer, and the digitizer to the computer. She can then just press play on the VCR and record on the capture software.