Why doesn't my MP3 player connect to my car stereo?

Episode 1502 (15:11)

Jim from Lakewood, CO
CarPlay in the 2018 Honda CR-V

Jim just got a new Honda and he can't get his MP3 player to pair with it via Bluetooth. Leo says that if he can connect his phone via Bluetooth, then it supports Honda's version of the A2DP standard. The question is, does that MP3 player support it? It may be that Honda doesn't properly implement A2DP. Most cars will pair with an A2DP standard, and if his MP3 player supports it, then it should. But since that car has Apple CarPlay, he can always use his phone to stream music.

From Mike B in the chatroom - Jim may need to just update his system firmware. He can find out how to do it at owners.honda.com. Leo says this works in the Accord, but it probably works for the CR-V as well. He should just park as close as he can to his Wi-Fi router.