Is my Windows 10 PC up to date?

Episode 1500 (12:31)

John from Encinitas, CA
Windows 10

John keeps getting mixed signals that his Windows 10 computer isn't updated with the 1803 update. One place says he is, but another log says he isn't. What can he trust? Leo says that 1803 was a so-called "feature update," and the green checkmark means that he's up to date with the important security updates, not the features that were added. Some users have experienced problems with the 1803 update, and Windows will roll back to the previous update, minus the security fixes. So John shouldn't be in too huge of a hurry to update. His Windows machine is secure, and that's what the green checkmark is about. He should just wait. Windows will keep trying until the 1803 update is ready and can be installed.