Why can't I access Google from the Chrome browser anymore?

Episode 1499 (2:15:47)

Anna from Laguna Hills, CA
Google Chrome

Anna clicked on a link in Facebook, which took her to a site that popped up a big warning with a phone number. She restarted her PC, and after that Chrome wouldn't let her access Google anymore. She also saw a warning flag in the system tray. Leo says the warning in the system tray is from Microsoft, so she can click that. It will probably take her to the security center where she can see if it offers any sensible information. She can run IE, but can't run Chrome, though. When she launches Chrome, she gets a blank white screen and it freezes. Leo says it sounds like Chrome is crashing, and it's possible that at some point she installed an extension or browser hijacker that's causing problems with Chrome. She'll have to uninstall and reinstall Chrome. She can do this by hitting the Windows key, and typing "Uninstall," she should see Add/Remove programs where she can remove Chrome. But there's a folder of user data that won't be removed when it gets uninstalled.

BleepingComputer.com offers a Chrome cleanup tool written by Google. It will scan the computer for problems in Chrome. That should get rid of whatever is causing this problem. Then she may want to uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

Anna should also run a system scan, which she should be able to get to from the flag in her system tray.

Leo advises getting a Chromebook next time she needs a new computer. It's a much simpler system.