Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1499 (1:11:04)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is calling in from Delray Beach, where you can get great deals traveling to, like $150 one way. It's a great deal for a fast summer vacation. Johnny Jet is also traveling to DC, and Hilton Hotels are testing Beam technology, which projects on the wall of your hotel room. So you may not have a TV in your room in the future. Leo also says that hotel chains are going to be putting Amazon Echo in their rooms, geared towards hospitality and room service. And they reset when you check out, so the hotel or the next guest doesn't get access to your personal data. They're also setting up Amazon Lockers in the hotels for local delivery.

Johnny also says you can get a great meal from a local restaurant while traveling by using Postmates or Uber Eats to bring you a great local dish.

Website of the week - It's a plane, just for your pet! They are trying to raise money to come back, since they went out of business in 2012.

App of the week - ResCUer. Android only. Rescuer will silently send out pictures and audio to trusted friends with your GPS coordinates without alerting the bad guys. Free.