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Episode 1499 June 23, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Terry from Amarillo, TX Comments

Terry has a MacBook Air, running Parallels so he can dual boot into Windows. After he upgraded to Windows 10, however, he had to upgrade Parallels and it trashed the drive. So he rebooted and reinstalled everything, and now Parallels wants him to pay for it again. Leo says that somewhere on the drive was a hidden file, perhaps in the application support folder, that has his registration data. So if he formatted the hard drive, Terry lost that data. Leo also says he'll have to reinstall Windows 7 again after installing Parallels. Then once that is handled, he can run the upgrade to Windows 10 again. But he should backup his data before he does that. He should look for the virtual machine folder and copy it.

Another idea is to run BootCamp. Parallels will recognize Windows in BootCamp and run that. Then it will be permanent and he won't have to install Windows 7 first.

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard got a Vizio 4K TV and suddenly it says his TV isn't capable of receiving 4K, when it has been for the last two years. Leo suspects there's a "handshake" problem between the DirecTV box and the TV itself, and it's usually the culprit of HDMI cables. He should try replacing the cable first. But he'll have to be sure to have a cable that is certified for high speeds of 18GB per second. Amazon sells them for about $10. He could also try another HDMI input to see if that fixes it. It could also be an issue with his DirecTV box that received an update that could have broken 4K connectivity between the Genie box and the TV. It may also be an issue with the World Cup programming.

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Watch Caesar from Chula Vista, CA Comments

Caesar's daughter gets all her homework assignments from a website online, and he's going to have to update their computer so it will work better. What should he get? Leo recommends Chromebooks because most schools are using them now. Leo prefers Acer because they have a wide array of models in his price range. Leo recommends going down to a local Best Buy and see which one is best. The 15" is a great option for about $200, but the 11" may be good enough. The Acer Spin can convert to a tablet as well. The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is getting great reviews. It comes with a stylus, too. It's lightweight and durable. It also supports the Android store so they can add apps onto the Chromebook.

Watch John from Atlanta, GA Comments

John bought an Owl Car Cam that shoots forward and backward. Leo says he's been using one as well. Leo says it uploads data to a cloud account with its own dedicated 4G connection. The Owl also gets automatically updated when there's a new firmware.

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Watch Rich from Tuscon, AZ Comments

Rich is an audiobook narrator and he just finished building his own vocal booth to record his audio files. But since the booth is so small, he wants to have his laptop on the outside with a monitor connected and a monitor on the inside. WIll an HDMI splitter do the job with a 2012 MacBook Air? Leo says that a splitter can degrade the image quality. The Air also has a mini display port, so he'd need an adapter for HDMI. They're pretty cheap. The Air won't really have an issue with the splitter.

Check out Rich's podcast: The Audiobook Speakeasy.

Watch Jim from Maryland Comments

Jim has been having trouble downloading audiobooks from the Library of Congress. They just stall and he can't get the download to complete. He found out that Windows upgraded Internet Explorer and it won't download anything. So he downgraded to IE8 and it works now. Leo says he isn't sure that's a secure solution. He would recommend Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox. But those don't support his screen reader. Leo says there may be a security setting in IE11 that prevents it from completing the download. Jim could contact the Library of Congress. Leo also recommends talking to the US Digital Service and the Foundation for the Blind to see if they can fix it. Could be something as simple as bad javascript.

Leo suggests emailing to contact them about the issue.

He can also check out the BARD Mobile app for iOS and Android. It can download those audiobooks for him.

Watch Alan from Moorpark, CA Comments

Alan is having issues with text to speech on his Android tablet. He keeps getting a "can't access server" error. Leo says that's a connectivity issue and if he doesn't have a good internet connection, it simply won't work. Speech to text has many different servers and if it can't get online, that means it can't complete the dictation. He'll also need to get an app from Google Play directly. That will probably solve the issue.

Watch April from Brooksville, FL Comments

April's router keeps dropping her. Leo says that routers do wear out and after several years, they become unreliable. It may just be time to get a new one. But her husband doesn't want one made in China. Leo says good luck with that. TP-Link has good routers, but that's in China. There are some that are made in Taiwan. That would do the trick. Asus also makes great routers. They are also updatable using DD-WRT open source firmware.

Watch Anna from Laguna Hills, CA Comments

Anna clicked on a link in Facebook, which took her to a site that popped up a big warning with a phone number. She restarted her PC, and after that Chrome wouldn't let her access Google anymore. She also saw a warning flag in the system tray. Leo says the warning in the system tray is from Microsoft, so she can click that. It will probably take her to the security center where she can see if it offers any sensible information. She can run IE, but can't run Chrome, though. When she launches Chrome, she gets a blank white screen and it freezes. Leo says it sounds like Chrome is crashing, and it's possible that at some point she installed an extension or browser hijacker that's causing problems with Chrome. She'll have to uninstall and reinstall Chrome. She can do this by hitting the Windows key, and typing "Uninstall," she should see Add/Remove programs where she can remove Chrome. But there's a folder of user data that won't be removed when it gets uninstalled. offers a Chrome cleanup tool written by Google. It will scan the computer for problems in Chrome. That should get rid of whatever is causing this problem. Then she may want to uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

Anna should also run a system scan, which she should be able to get to from the flag in her system tray.

Leo advises getting a Chromebook next time she needs a new computer. It's a much simpler system.