How can I digitize a large quantity of photos?

Episode 1497 (1:09:23)

Richard from Tuckahoe, NY
Google Photos

Richard has tons of photographs and he has to digitize all of them. He's thinking of using his iPhone to take pictures of them and then put them on Google Photos. Leo says the only issue here will be time. Essentially taking a photo of the physical photos is all a scanner is doing anyway. The advantage of using an actual scanner, however, is that there will be perfect lighting and the picture is exactly flat to the camera. The scanner can get a high resolution photo by being able to slowly scan across the image.

Leo says if he uses his phone or a camera, he'll want to get an easel or something so that he can position the photos to consistently eliminate glare. He'll also want to make sure to light it well. He could even get a plate of glass to put on the photo to flatten it out, and then he should use a tripod with his camera so it's exactly parallel to the photo.